First Blog Post!


Who am I?

I am Bert Maas (21 years old). I am a Industrial Design Master student at the Technical University Eindhoven. My interests are very broad but my focus is on lighting design, interaction design and the psychology behind the two. Over the past few years I have done many project in many different design fields (see portfolio) and in between my University semesters I have worked as Assistant Lighting Architect at Har Hollands Licht Architect.

What will I blog about?

Design, Light and Life is the subtitle of this blog and that is mostly what I will blog about. It is hard to say how this blog will evolve over time, but for now it is a place where I can share my experiences, opinion and works.

These are some possible future blog topics I am working on:

  • Life and the Electric Car
  • Why Interaction Design Made Me Buy a Gun
  • Mathematics in Design
  • OLED Bootcamp Philips
  • Abusive Lighting
  • Industrial Design at the TU/e

How can you follow the blog?

I am not much of a blog reader myself, since I always forget to check them. To solve this I have set up a service that will send you an email whenever I publish a post on this blog. Don’t worry! I am very busy and don’t expect to post more than once a month so I will not be spamming your inbox.

Be notified when I publish my first article!